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Personal Training


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" I'm grateful for every client that allows me to help them turn their visions into reality, theirs fears into confidence, and their lives into a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you, " Dana

"Dana's energy and creativity make her a truly dynamic personal trainer. She uses a functional approach to training that is not only efficient and effective but is more importantly, interesting and fun for the client. Her knowedge and enthusiasm make her an excellent asset to our health care community. I have referred many patients to Dana and am completely confident with her skill and knowledge to continue getting people to their goals.


Darcy Cook MSPT, Granite Physical Therapy and medical support for the USSA Snowboarding Team.

the athlete that starts the race is not

the same athlete that  completes the race

commit to be fit

One Step,

        One Rep,

              One workout at a time


INever Never Give Up On Your Dreams

As They Are Only Goals in Disguise!

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