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discover a new level of relaxation...
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Bring your body and mind back into balance while easing away built-up stress. Using time -honored , authentic Swedish massage techniques, this massage is designed to stretch and relax weary muscles, inducing pure relaxation. ( light to medium pressure)

70 minutes for $75


Life hapens, what's your story!?  Therapeutic massage targeted toward structural injuries, overuse and reptitive bodily stress. This treatment uses firm techniques and trigger point release. (medium to deep tissue) * Therapists will kindly work with your physician or chiropractor to achieve greater results.

70 minutes for $85

Rock the Rims

Layers of tension melt away when nature and the art of massage are combined in this unforgettable experience.  This classic massage is enhanced with the use of warm, smooth basalt stones, sending you into a state of blissful relaxation!

70 minutes for $85

Iron Man

The perfect solution created for a muscle meltdown. trigger point techniques are used to reduce muscle inflammation putting you back in your league.

(deep tissue)


70 minutes for $75

The Fast Lane...

Great for the seriously time deprived individual!  A thirty minute refresher massage.

30 minutes for $50

Oooh La La For Two!

Escape into a world of bliss...perfect for couples, mothers & daughters, or best friends.  Choose any of our DC massage therapies and have them performed side by side in the same treatment room.​


70 minutes for $150

 currently unable to offer at this time. Please check back

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